Steph Diorio is a December 2014 graduate of Pratt SILS with a focus in archival studies. She is a 2011 graduate of Gettysburg College, where she majored in history and minored in Civil War Era Studies, but her primary hobbies are writing and drawing. She occasionally sells her art at conventions when she has time and over the internet.

Her commissions information is as follows:

  • Sketches: $5-$10 depending on complexity
  • Inked character drawings, no color: $15
  • Full-color character drawings: $20
  • Character sheets/references (like these): $20
  • Plushies: Start at $25-$30 (the primary reason for price increases being how you want the hair to be done)

She’ll draw your original characters, fanart, or real people (including celebrities, athletes, and even you, your friends, and your family). She will not draw anything explicit or offensive.

Her PayPal address is


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